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Diwali Dhamaka – Kesar Pista Kalakand (Sugar Free) – Guest Blog Post 1


DIWALI – the festival which keeps everyone busy.. Festival of lights, fire crackers, house cleaning, new clothes, exchange of gifts and more gifts, get-together’s,  diwali dinner’s, puja and not to forget food, mithai (sweets), more food and more and more sweets.. Foodies Festival for me..

Ever since our childhood we are so accustomed to invite guests for dinner parties or visit them, exchange gifts and love.. Those moments were filled with happiness, fun and made loads of memories to treasure.. But now being far away from home Diwali is not the same.. We hardly have parties or the same zest to celebrate the festival.. But yes we try our best to celebrate it by organising a couple of dinner parties, lighting up our house, sparkles for kids, puja but still there is something missing.. I am sure every person who is away from home misses the festival spirit and fun immensely which can only be felt back home..

So this year feeling nostalgic and longing to be home during the festival, I have opened my blog to my blogger friends.. I am inviting my fellow bloggers to do a guest post for Diwali.. With lot’s of gratitude I appreciate you all taking out time from your busy schedules ..In this way at least we are exchanging recipes!! Awesome recipes are the greatest gift for food enthusiast; so I am collecting mine:)

My first guest blogger is Priti Shetty who owns an amazing blog : My Pinch of Yum  do visit her blog for some awesome recipes. Priti is just not a fellow blogger but even a friend, we haven’t met each other yet (Please note we both live in the same city but poles apart) but our common passion for food got us together..

Thank you Priti for taking time out and creating such a scrumptious dish.. Priti has made Kesar Pista Kalakand (Sugar Free).. Please click here for full recipe ..


Few highlights from her recipe post –

  • Kalakand is a popular Indian Sweet made during festivals and celebrations such as Navratri, Diwali, Eid and Holi.
  • You can make these Kalakands in different flavors such as rose, chocolate, mango, strawberry etc. have made these today since Kesar-Pista is one of the popular flavor combination in indian desserts and loved by all at my home.

Thanks Priti once again for the lovely recipe and I wish you good luck ..

I am inviting bloggers who would  like to be my guest on the blog .. This is how I am celebrating my Diwali this year, How about you?

Some more recipes which might be handy for your Diwali party  – Potato & Strawberry Sizzler, Rice Kheer, Chocolate Mousse, Malai Ladoo and Gulgule..

Thanks for stopping by 🙂

Wishing you all a very Happy and Prosperous Diwali in advance!!


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