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Sugar Cookies – Peppa Pig

Sugar Cookies - Peppa Pig

  • Servings: 30
  • Difficulty: Medium
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My life revolves around my family, especially my girls. For my elder daughter’sΒ birthday I had made Frozen theme Cookies, As their birthdays fall in same month we tend to celebrate it together. So this year I made Elsa & Anna Cakes for them. And now for the younger daughters day care lolly bags I made these Peppa Pig Cookies..

Peppa Pig Cookies7

For the sugar dough recipe please click here

Peppa Pig Cookies8

Peppa Pig Cookies9

Always remember the colour always dries darker, so always make one shade less than the desired one.

Peppa Pig Cookies6

Peppa Pig Cookies1

Let it dry, from 5 hours to overnight.

Peppa Pig Cookies4

Roll the fondant.

Peppa Pig Cookies3

Peppa Pig Cookies5

Peppa Pig Cookies2

Peppa Pig Cookies


Peppa Pig Cookies10

Peppa Pig Cookies13

Made flower with fondant..Peppa Pig Cookies11


Hope you like it!!

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  1. Cute peppe pig cookies! I always make royal icing with white egg and icing sugar, so I bake my sugar cookies for about 5 minutes, more or less, in opened door oven or used very low themperature. The royal icing dried completely soon.

    Oh, I got the idea for wrap my cookies after looking at your pic. Thank you so much. Sometimes it difficult to find the size of plastic that match with my cookies.

  2. Omg. Looks amazing. πŸ™‚ Had been waiting for this post. I have never tried my hands on fondant or sugar cookies. I will surely try making them some day. . πŸ™‚

      • Yeah its the board results……so they suddenly bring it out…….sometimes at 3am!! Friends start calling and screaming in the middle of the night lol
        And yeah mom keeps asking about it everyday and thank you so much for your concern, means a lottttt!! As soon as results come out I’ll definitely ping you πŸ˜€ ❀

  3. Woooooow incredible Anjali that is what I call creative. 🌹🌹🌷🌹🌹

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