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Chocolate Mousse – Simple & Easy

Chocolate Mousse7

My kids are already all excited about Easter; they have already shopped for the egg hunt baskets and want to do loads of Easter related activities with me like craft, making cookies and desserts. The association of Easter and Chocolate is inseparable, so this time I though let’s start the Easter month with some dessert using chocolate. But wanted something to be easy, quick and simple but yet delicious. And chocolate mousse tops the chart when it comes to the said requirements and other than that it has more qualities it’s rich and creamy, very delicious, you can’t go wrong as most of us like it and Top of the list kids just love it.

So to welcome the upcoming Easter I made my version of Chocolate Mousse with very few ingredients for your Everyday Meal Idea – Simple & Easy..

Hope you all also like it .. Thanks for stopping by 🙂

We start by double boiling process – Double boiling is a process in which we keep one bowl above the other one containing boiling water. It can be on stove or just without flames. I have not kept mine on the flames, I used boiling water from kettle and kept another glass bowl over it. Just in case you think the water has cooled down you can change the water or add more boiling water. In this process make sure the bowl on top does not immerse in the bowl below or there is no water entering in.

Chocolate Mousse

Take the dark chocolate cubes(As I used a chocolate brick), milk and butter and double boil till everything melts and form a thick paste as the picture below. This process would take 6 to 7 minutes

Chocolate Mousse1

Separate the Egg white and Yolk, whisk the yolk and add it to the chocolate mixture and stir constantly so that it combines. Then remove the bowl over the boiling water.

Using an electric beater; beat the egg white till foams are formed and it’s on verge to get peaks. Mix the egg white also in the chocolate mixture and combine well and keep it aside.

Now we need to whisk the cream, again we will use the electric beater and beat till the cream thicken properly and becomes creamy. This process would take about 4 to 5 minutes.

Chocolate Mousse2

Once the cream is thicken and ready add the chocolate mixture in it gradually and mixing it well to combine. Pour them in bowls and keep it in refrigerator to set. Overnight for the best results but you need a minimum of 6 to 7 hours for the mousse to set well and be creamy.

Chocolate Mousse3
Chocolate Mousse4

Serving suggestions: Garnish with grated chocolates, raspberries, strawberries and serve Chilled.

Chocolate Mousse6
Chocolate Mousse8

For your luscious, creamy and rich Mousse is ready 🙂

Chocolate Mousse

Ingredients:Chocolate Mousse5

  • 1 cup Thick cream
  • 1 cup dark Chocolate cubes
  • 80 gm unsalted Butter
  • ¼ cup full cream Milk
  • 1 Egg


  • Boil water in kettle and once the kettle stops, pour the boiling in a bowl. Over that bowl keep another bowl that fits well and won’t fall inside. Preferably glass one, in the upper empty glass bowl add butter, dark chocolate cubes and milk.
  • Keep stirring it well till everything melts and a thick paste is formed, which would take about 6 to 7 minutes. This method is called double boiling.
  • Now separate the egg white from the yolk. Whisk the yolk and add it gradually in the chocolate mixture stirring the mixture fast. Make sure the egg doesn’t start to cook so you need to stir it constantly.
  • Remove the glass bowl over the boiling water bowl and keep it aside.
  • Put the egg white in another bowl and using electric beater whisk it till foams are formed and it reaches a point that the peaks would start forming. This would take around 2 to 3 minutes.
  • Once done fold in the egg white to the chocolate mixture and mix well.
  • Then again pour the cream in a bowl and using electric beater whisk it till the cream becomes thick and creamy. This would take about 4 to 5 minutes.
  • Now add the chocolate mixture to the cream gradually and keep mixing it with a spatula till it combines completely.
  • Your mousse is ready, now we need to set it. Pour the mousse in the moulds; you can use ramekins, shot glasses, small glass bowls or anything that you have.
  • Cover the bowls with glad-wrap and refrigerate it overnight. Or at least for 6 to 7 hours for the mousse to set well and get the creamy texture.
  • Your delicious and creamy mousse is ready, you can garnish it with shaved chocolate, raspberries / strawberries or if you like it more creamy then few dollops of whipped cream.. Enjoy

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