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3 Day ” POST A QUOTE” Challenge – #1

Thank you very much Kat for nominating me for this. Much appreciate and good luck with the awesome work you do. People, please check Kat’s blog The Food Blog, very informative and good.

The rules are simple – one quote a day for three days. They can be your quotes, or quotes from other people. Post one a day for three days and nominate three bloggers per post. Also, thank the person that nominated you.

My first quote – This is so true, in our hard time we actually know who our true friends are.

Quote 1


I Nominate – Linda, Mithai and Suzy





17 thoughts on “3 Day ” POST A QUOTE” Challenge – #1 Leave a comment

  1. Wooooow outstanding quote I love ur spirit darling Anjali & thanks for nominate will post soon.

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