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Nappy Cake / Diaper Cake

A Nappy Cake / Diaper Cake for a little princess…

Nappy Cake20

Nappy Cake9

Nappy Cake7

Roll it and use a elastic band to hold it in place

Nappy Cake15

Nappy Cake8

Nappy Cake14

Use glue tag on bottom of the Powder Bottle

Nappy Cake13

Nappy Cake16

Nappy Cake17

All in the same big elastic band

Nappy Cake5 - Copy

Start attaching more diapers to the first round to make the second one.

Nappy Cake - Copy

Nappy Cake1 - Copy

Nappy Cake6 - Copy

Nappy Cake2 - Copy

Nappy Cake3 - Copy

First Tier completed

Nappy Cake4 - Copy

Similar to first tier put diapers in second tier but just one round

Nappy Cake19

Nappy Cake18

Nappy Cake11

Nappy Cake21

Use a cloth or paper to cover the gap between the top tier diapers and hid the lid. And you can put any characters or even booties on top

Nappy Cake10

To cover the elastic bands of both tiers wrap ribbon and use a glue gun to get it together. With hot glue attach anything you want to decorate the cake.

Nappy Cake12         

Use transparent cello wrap to wrap the cake and use to ribbon to hold it together.

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