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Baking with Kids..


There is nothing more rewarding than the happiness of our kids.. I am Sure every parent will relate with this…



Cooking gives me immense pleasure and happiness and cooking with and for kids is a double joy.. Looking at those tiny hands at work and the mouth curling while they concentrate to do something… The smile on their face after they are successful and licking from the bowl after it’s made 😉



I always believe involving kids in our daily chores helps them learn that they need to have a routine and it’s a perfect way of bonding more. I try to involve my kids especially the elder one into cooking and baking all the time, she loves helping me in all my chores. We often bake cakes, cupcakes, cookies and she helps me in making roti(flat bread). She feels special working with her very own equipment – mini versions..


Today me and my two girls did baking, we made some cupcakes for a dinner party which we going to attend tonight. I am not a good baker, just trying my hands on it. But the process of baking with girls was awesome who cares how they look or taste when your kids get the smile on their face and say.. Mom this is so much fun and we should do it again..


Feeling of Fullfillment.. 🙂



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  1. Woooooow totally agree with u, ❤ ur write up even ma Princesss love to help and learning she just enjoying being with me @ "MA MAD KITCHEN".

  2. So true Anjali! The best part is getting to enjoy the time with the kids and they remember these fun times too….and your cakes look awesome! Great job by you and your kiddos!

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