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Infinity Dream Award

Infinity Award

My 3rd Award – Feel so honoured.

I would like to thank Mithai Mumblezz for nominating me for this award. It’s been less than two months I have started blogging and already been connected to so many beautiful bloggers, who not only share awesome recipes but even inspire us to cook better.

Please visit page, she is a young promising lady who writes with her heart involved. I love to read your blogs and keep up the good work. All the best.

I was been asked by Mithai Mumblezz to write about my 7 dreams and here they go:

  1. I want to learn to cook every single cuisine. I want to have an understanding about the ingredients they use, the procedure they follow and the history behind their food. I love to cook and have already tried various cuisines, but the sky is the limit and I need to learn and cook more food.
  2. World tour – I want to go around the world with my family, want to enjoy every moment with them, live to the fullest. I always look forward to spend quality time with my family, it’s a feeling of satisfaction to see girls enjoy.
  3. See my kids grow and be successful. It’s a dream I am sure every parent has. My girls are still very young and I want to give them the best, make sure to help them get what they want. It would give me immense pride in seeing them achieve success and fulfilment in their lives. I am doing my share by instilling values and strength in them.
  4. I dream to have a stress free and easy life, which is going to be just a dream I am sure, lol.
  5. Want to eat whatever I like and never gain weight.. Haha another dream which is impossible to achieve, as I need to just look at the food and all calories get transferred on me forget eating alone.. lol
  6. I want to make unlimited friends or at least acquaintance, so when I am out, every direction I look I at least know someone to smile and wave at. I do smile at strangers, but still the feeling of knowing people feels good.
  7. Want to achieve an art of effortless writing and manage to get perfect photo shots of my food. These both things take too much effort for me.. 😉 I wish there would be some who could write and click for me.. any volunteers 😛

I further nominate few of my fellow blogger and they too have to write about their 7 dreams.

  1. Stephysweetbakes
  2. Traditionally Modern Food
  3. Linda
  4. Mudit Mittal
  5. Lovesuzy
  6. The Food Blog
  7. Love Deserved Daily
  8. Homemade with Mess
  9. A Taste Of Caribbean
  10. Damini Shah

Hope you all appreciate it and waiting to see your replies.. Happy Blogging 🙂

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