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Diwali Special – Diya and Rangoli Shaped Sugar Cookies

Diya Cookies

Like always Diwali needs to be special and full of enjoyment..

Baking has been in the air for me.. This year I have done loads of baking so thought why not even for Diwali .. Hence, the sugar cookies in shape of Diya and Rangoli’s..

Simple Sugar Cookie recipe and loads of colours in spirit of the festival.. Hope you all like my way of celebrating Diwali.. I even prepared some cookie hampers for the guests.. Eat and Take Away the best way to host any party.. πŸ™‚

Happy Cooking and Happy Blogging..

Thanks for Stopping by πŸ™‚

Diya Cookies13
Diya Cookies14
Diya Cookies16
Diya Cookies3
Diya Cookies4
Diya Cookies7
Diya Cookies9
Diya Cookies10
Diya Cookies11
Diya Cookies5

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